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Katie S. Urban Youth Center

Saint Bartholomew Episcopal Church
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St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church

811 14th Street (at the corner of 14th Street & Austin Street)

Hempstead, Texas 77445


Seeking, Serving & Loving Christ for over 150 years

Saint Bartholomew Episcopal Church in Hempstead

Saint Bartholomew Episcopal Church in Hempstead

Welcome to St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church in Hempstead, Texas!

We are located at the corner of 14th St. and Austin St. in the Hempstead business district. View Map

One of the oldest churches in Waller County, St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church was founded in 1858 and has a rich history of serving Jesus Christ. We are a Bible-based church with a traditional Anglican liturgy. We use the 1979 version of The Book of Common Prayer and celebrate the Eucharist (what many people call “communion”) every Sunday as part of our worship service. We offer adult Bible studies on Sunday morning and Friday afternoons and children’s Sunday School and VBS. St. Bartholomew’s provides a safe place for families and individuals in Hempstead and surrounding areas to seek, serve, love, and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are deeply committed to the Waller County community and are known for our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner in November, our popular Vacation Bible School, and our association with the Katie S. Urban Foundation and Youth Center. In May of 2010, we sponsored the first (annual) Community Memorial Day event to honor our veterans and men and women in the armed forces. With God’s help, we hope to extend our ministries and the events that benefit both the members of the church and the community of Hempstead.

We are proud of our Episcopal and Anglican heritage and invite you to share with us as we journey together with Jesus Christ’s ever-present loving guidance. If you are looking for a Bible-based, family-oriented church in Hempstead or Waller County, come worship with us this Sunday. Adult Bible Study¬† is at 9:00, and the worship service begins at 10:00 am. We also invite you to join us after the service in the parish hall for refreshments and fellowship.